Saturday School Information

In accordance with the Vernon Parish School Board Credit Recovery program, Leesville Junior High will be offering your student the opportunity to make up a failing grade for each of the six weeks grading periods. This program is being offered in lieu of being required to enroll in summer school The Credit Recovery classes will be held scheduled two Saturdays per Grade Recovery sessions from 8:00 am until noon. Your student must attend both sessions to recover a failing grade. The scheduled dates are:


· Session One 

· Session Two 

· Session Three 

· Session Four 

· Session Five 


Why Saturday School?

Your student must obtain 7 quality points for each subject to pass that subject in the school year.  3 of those points must be acquired during the first semester and 4 must be acquired in the second semester.  To understand your students grades better, quality points are determined by letter grades.  The points for each letter grade are:

  • A - 4 points
  • B - 3 points
  • C - 2 points
  • D - 1 point
  • F - 0 Points

Your student can only miss 10 unexcused days of the school year.  Only five per semester.  More than the allotted number of days will lead to a requirement of Saturday School attendance to recover days missed.  

Important things to Know About Saturday School

  • Saturday school begins at 8:00 AM.  Please drop your student off promptly.  Being late to Saturday school will result in dismissal.
  • Saturday school ends at 12:00 PM.  Please have your student picked up promptly.  Being late to leave will result in loss of grade recovery opportunities on Saturday.
  • Students are expected to behave appropriately, and negative behavior will be addressed by early dismissal from Saturday school.  The grade or attendance will not be recovered.  Expectations are very basic:
    • No talking to other students.  Grade recovery is no social time.
    • No sleeping is permitted.  Ensure that your student gets plenty of rest the night before.
    • Students are only allowed to get up from their seats when the facilitator says so.  
    • Students will be sent home immediately if they are playing games on computers and not working.
    • Any disrespectful behavior towards teacher or students is not tolerated.
    • Students must show progress on their work.  If, at the end of the day, your student has nothing but incomplete assignments, then the student will not receive credit.
    • The school dress code, along with IDs must be worn during Saturday School.
  • To be eligible for Saturday school, parents must sign a Saturday School Form that will be sent home one week prior to the first Saturday School session.  This form MUST BE signed and turned in by Wednesday of that week.  Late forms will not be accepted.
  • Your child can only recover one grade at a time.  The Saturday School Coordinator, John Nash, determines which grades students will recover:
    • Math and ELA will be prioritized over Science and Social Studies, as the year progresses, the amount of quality points your student has in each subject will be used as a measurement.
    • Electives cannot be recovered.
    • For each day of Saturday School attended, your student will recover one absence.